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Recertification is valid for one year. Recertification is mandatory for Academy membership. This requirement is necessary for NCCA certificaton by the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists. The one-year period of recertification ends on the last day of the month that you initially recertified. The following information must be provided to the Academy for recertification:

  • Copies of syllabus hours from CCE institution sponsored classes and symposia (ACCO conference)
  • Copy of any published article (s) in a peer-reviewed journal
  • A letter from programmatic Chairman/examination chairman that multiple choice (MCQ’s) questions have been accepted (1 hour per question with references). Objective structured clinical examination question accepted by the examination chairman (12 hours).
  • Online courses from CCE sponsored institutions. A completion examination is required and results sent to the Academy. (Cox Technic, ChiroUp)
  • Symposia, conferences and lectures by national, regional or local medical groups or facilities that are consistent with orthopedic principles. A copy of the syllabus with certification hours credited.
  • The Academy is aware of the changing dynamics of education and has flexibility.

The Academy will audit between 5-10% of recertified doctors per year. Please maintain copies of any and all items sent for recertification.

The recertification fee is $134 USD for one year. A check or credit card payment must accompany your request for recertification.

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