February 6th, 2021 President’s Letter

Academy President Letter
February 6th, 2021
From the Desk of Kim Skibsted DC, FIANM(us)
International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

Greetings Fellows,

It has been a while since I communicated with you! When you see what’s been going on and coming up, I think you will understand

I want to announce Dr. Michael McLarnon as a new Associate Board member of the IANM. Dr. McLarnon will be completing his MBA in the not too distant future. He obtained his DACO a few years ago. As the IANM corporation expands, his background in business administration will be most helpful. Welcome aboard, Dr. McLarnon!

The Academy has been adding and changing some of its activities and expanding our corporate mission. We will be making more additions and changes to the IANM Board to include doctors with varying skills to meet our future needs. Watch the website or read the newsletters for these requests. If you can do it, the specialty will need you!

In late 2019, I asked the Board to begin putting together a history of the Academy, orthopedics, and the changes of the IANM to the present time. As luck would have it, a doctor has stepped-up and is asking to put together our history. So much work has been done by so many over the years, and his plan is perfect. I believe future generations of specialists will appreciate such a historical account. I have asked the Board to cooperate with his project.

The IANM, Inc. has been receiving multiple inquiries from other chiropractic groups about joining our Board as an associate member or as members of other subspecialties. The interest in our organization is growing!

A significant project taken on is the development of the “Pillars of Practice” for the specialty. Initially, in the early 90s, they were called “Domains.” In 2020 the IANM retired the Job Analysis and began developing the “Pillars.” An unbelievable amount of time has been incurred by one doctor, along with several others who have given their time and talents. This process began in the early 1990s with ABCO. It lost steam in the late 1990s, and it wasn’t until several months ago that it was revitalized in this final process. The Board has accepted the rough draft, and it is now back to the author for modifications. Once the final work has been completed and signed off by the Board, the Academy will distribute it to the schools, place it on our website for membership, and sent it to every applicant that requests to sit the Board’s specialty examination. It is copyrighted and will be sent to the Library of Congress for placement. At last count, it was 70 pages long! A serious document.

We continue to get inquiries about the IANM, but students are enrolling in the classes worldwide. Questions are coming from Singapore, Viet Nam, and Hong Kong; and worldwide from Asia Minor, the British Isles, the tip of Africa, from Canada and Brazil, and everywhere in-between. We have noticed a strong uptick of candidates in the US, and more than we have seen over the last couple of years.

If everything we have planned and currently working on comes to fruition, 2021 will be the best year yet for the specialty! I hope so, as some of what activities we have been working on are truly amazing. I’m more excited about the specialty activities today than I was even a couple of years ago!

When I came on the Academy Board several years ago, there may have been 7 or 8 members. Today, I believe we have about 30 members at various levels of involvement with Board activities.

We have changed several things with the examination process to make it more fluid and compatible for our candidates. Each examination, Part I and Part II, are now online and are available for remote proctoring, giving us the chance to offer the specialty around the world to any doctor at any time!

These remarkable gains and potential accomplishments could not have been done without our Board and membership’s sacrifice to pitch-in and help. Your membership and support is essential and much appreciated! With your help, we can make advances on many fronts to help our members and their patients.  Thank you!


“…Where your achievements matter.”

Kim Skibsted DC, FIANM(us)

International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
4334 Virginia Ave
St. Paul, MN 55126
TEL: 612-454-1472
FAX: 651-846-5590

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