December 20th, 2019 President’s Letter

Academy President Letter
December 20th, 2019

From the Desk of Kim Skibsted DC, FIANM(us)
International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

Greetings Fellows,

I want to take this time to bring you up-to-date with the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine’s (IANM) new and expanding activities.

We just completed a successful Part II examination, including two international certificants from Australia. Multiple future dates are now set for the online Part I. The IANM continues to make the process easier and less intrusive on the doctor’s time and expenses.
The website has taken a great deal of the Board’s time as we are moving to modernize the billing and MOC (Maintenance of Credentials) processes. Unfortunately, we have a significant overhaul to make sure both are working. You may see some disruption in getting your dues statement, but when a 3rd party asks us if you are certified and maintaining your credential, we call the doctor and get things up to date. The Executive Director has talked to some of you that have encountered this.

Also, we are preparing to add a practice test to the website. Our first step will be a Part I test that a candidate will have access to via a monthly subscription. This new practice test is under the direction and direction of the Examination Board.
Speaking of the Examination Board, they have expanded the Board significantly, adding new members and Chairmanships. A couple of years ago, there was one Chair and a couple of other members. Now there are four Chairs, including Part I, Part II, SME, and item judging. The last two have doctors writing questions and updating old questions. They have just notified the Executive Board that all test questions for Part II in November 2020 had been written and updated. Now they go to the production company for completion. If you have an interest in helping the Examination Board, please contact the IANM.

We are preparing a form that we will use for doctors ordering the new DIANM certificate, and will be ready next month. We have had many requests, but will have a special form to fill out to make sure the certificate company has the correct data. I’ll send out a special notice with instructions. The cost of the new certificate will be $22 payable in US dollars.

The Academy continues to work to protect our brand and your educational accomplishments. This past month we found 35 doctors calling themselves “Board eligible” or “Board qualified” chiropractic orthopedists. They took the classes years ago but never passed the examination or took it for one reason or another. The ONLY Board eligible person is a candidate that has paid the necessary fees to sit the upcoming examination. Once that date has passed, they are no longer “Board eligible” should they not be successful. These doctors have been contacted, and it was explained this is an embellishment of credentials and they are to remove the statement. Should they fail to do so, the state Board of Examiners in their state will be contacted. For more on this issue, view our FAQ page or check out the Exam Calendar page to start the process of sitting for the Board.

Put on your calendar the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists annual convention in Las Vegas this coming April. Time is of the essence there as we were told it is the NFL Draft weekend so hotel rooms could be getting scarce. Here is the information:

Dates: April 23, 2020 through Apr 25, 2020
Location: Tropicana Las Vegas
Registration: $395.00 for current members of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists

The IANM will be there, beginning the process of obtaining a new Job Analysis for the 2020-2025 timeframe. The Job Analysis is critical as it is the outline that the certification examinations follow. This task has to be completed every five years.

We now have international representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates on the international component of the IANM.

We hope your Holiday Season is joyous and happy! We’ll try to get you Academy information more often!

           “… Where your achievements matter”

Kim Skibsted DC, FIANM(us)

International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
4334 Virginia Ave
St. Paul, MN 55126
TEL: 612-454-1472
FAX: 651-846-5590

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