December 2013

Academy President Letter
Volume 12, Number 1
December 2013

From the Desk of J. R. Brandt DC, MPS, FACO
Academy of Chiropractic

New Orthopedic Diplomate Class

I had the opportunity to visit and monitor the first orthopedic Diplomate class for the advanced learner from the University of Bridgeport (UBCC). The Academy has in the past and will continue to monitor the teaching of chiropractic orthopedics. The instructors and classes we have observed in the past have done a very good job and prepared their students for the chiropractic orthopedic specialty.

The new program from UBCC has developed a new paradigm for the advanced learner. The presentations were of specific conditions. The first condition was the Lisfranc ankle injury. Dr. Jim Lehman, UBCC instructor, began with the history, anatomy, physiology, examination, imagining, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment both from the prospective of the chiropractic orthopedist and medical counterpart, potential future problems in the care and management. The subject material was drilled down on each aspect of the sections described above. The teaching style continued for each additional condition covered in the 10-hour class. Class participation was impressive. There could have been upwards of 30 students indicating that are interested in proceeding on with the class.

The program had attracted these many students that want to pursue a Diplomate in Chiropractic Orthopedics with a sub-specialty in Neuromuscloskeletal medicine. This is a hybrid class that includes 100 hours of classroom attendance and 400 hours of on line study. Included in the 400 hours is preparation and composing a case study that will be published in the Journal of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists (JACO). The advanced learner will participate in rounds at hospitals, surgical centers as well as other health care centers. The “Dean of Orthopedic Instructors” has agreed to begin teaching again in this program. Dr. Ron Evans will be a guest lecturer at some of the classes. He will be co-teaching with Dr. Lehman from time to time. His first presentation will be in Orlando, Florida this summer.

Classes are going to continue at the UBCC campus in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Orlando, Florida. Additional venues are planned and will be announced soon. These will include Midwest and west coast. I am not at liberty to announce the locations at this time. Watch the website ( ) as we will publish the locations and dates. Interestingly, if a student cannot make one class at their usual location, they can travel to one of the other venues to sit the class. Plans are to have ongoing classes starting at different times of the year so this Diplomate program can be accommodating for the students.

The distance learning for the Diplomate class will be from Chiropractic Development International (CDI) ( ). The Academy is working with CDI to establish on line credits for recertification. Currently Cox© technic, American College of Chiropractic Orthopedics (ACCO) and CCE colleges are the only vendors the Academy recognizes for recertification. CDI will be included with the vendors once all the details have been finalized. CDI has been very helpful and cooperative with this endeavor.

Dr. Lehman outlined a case for recertification of the orthopedic specialist. I am going to ask him to write an article for the Academy on this necessary addition to your vitae. This has to do with the new health care laws. Incidentally, I just received an inquiry from a large mid-western insurer about my specialty credentials. It was explained to me that this inquiry is coming as a requirement for the carrier from a “higher entity” and that chiropractic specialties are of interest to them. Some of you may have already received such inquiries. The Academy had a sense that this was occurring and for that reason, we have been working to make sure we are in compliance as a membership organization and specialty examining Board. Our recertification process is a VERY important part of the process and has to have gravitas to be compliant. I will see if I can get more information and send it out in future letters.

So much is going on with the specialty at present, in my opinion…all good!

May you have a Merry Christmas and a happy, happy, happy New Year Holiday and have a prosperous 2014!

Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great….Niccolo Machiavelli

J. R. Brandt DC MS FACO

President / Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

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