November 2011

Academy President Letter
Volume 10, Number 8
November 2011

From the Desk of J. R. Brandt DC, MPS, FACO
Academy of Chiropractic

Good Morning Fellows,

The Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists has made its first appearance at the Institute for Credentialing Excellence conference (ICE) earlier this month. There were over 525 convention delegates at this meeting. We attended classes on a number of subjects from Governance, Examination Development, Examination Security, Government Mandates for Accreditation on the Horizon, Assessment of Situational Judgment as a Method to Enhance Learning and Promote Continuing Competence, Recertification, Brave New World, Using Social Media to Market the Credential and What are the Opportunities for the Next Decade for Certification. You will begin to notice more changes in the future with the Academy as we follow the mandates that have been outlined by ICE for Academy certification with this organization. The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) and the Medical Board of Examiners were in attendance. NBCE contributed information and discussion in two of the classes I attended. They did a fantastic job. Many other medical health care providers, technicians and nursing groups to name a few were present representing various aspects of medicine. I did not see any other chiropractic groups in attendance. I had the opportunity to talk to many of the principals of these Boards over the 3 days. To a group they were impressed with what the Academy has done with such a small group. One member of a Certifying Board that I talked to had 21,000 plus certifcants. To a person, everyone that I talked to shared information that was very helpful to us. The medical providers were the most helpful. They wanted to know more about chiropractic orthopedics. Believe me, there are more people that know about chiropractic orthopedics today than at the beginning of the month. We have contacted some of the vendors that were present to assist us in certain areas of the certification process.

The Academy is forming a Communications Committee. I need 2-4 members to serve a 2 year term. Primary responsibilities are to help the Academy develop its social media sites and help maintain them. The committee will not be responsible for content (thought you can contribute). Please send an e-mail to me at with your wish to participate. I will make arrangements to talk to you about the committee.

Within the next 7-10 days, the Academy will announce the date and location of its upcoming Diplomate certifying examination.

I’m pleased to announce that we have two new sponsors of the Academy. You will be noticing their sponsorship on the website later this month. The Academy asks all sponsors yearly to put together a page about them, their products and services. You help orthopedics and the Academy by patronizing our sponsors.

The JACO Editorial staff continues to work and move forward on the development and enhancement of the journal. Drs. Gundersen and Bacso and have been working on expansion of content and Editorial Review Board members.

I did get an inquiry this week about the status of the Masters of Science program in Clinical Chiropractic Orthopedics that we have been working on. There is not enough time for me to go through it all with you what has happend over the last couple of years, suffice to say we have had some revisions, revisions, revisions and then about 10 more revisions to meet the requirements. I have been told that it will be sent to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) later this month or early December. NWHSU wants the response back by March 1st.

The website has the updated information on the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists symposium in San Diego this year. Room rates are published. There is still an opening for a case study or original research paper at the Congress of Diplomates sponsored by the Academy. Contact Dr. Jerry Wildenauer if you are interested. He can be reached through the website.

The Academy Board wishes all a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for you and your contribution to the specialty. We have had 80-85 members volunteer for various activities over the last few years. Your time and talents are appreciated, and the results have continued to vault the Academy to new levels and areas of expansion. Thank you!

The unthankful heart….discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart….will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings. Henry Ward Beecher

J. R. Brandt DC MPS FACO President Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists
TEL: 612-454-1472
FAX: 651-846-5590

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