September 2010

Volume 9, Number 9

Good Morning Doctor,

The Academy has continued to increase our membership. It seems being credentialed is having more weight among managed care groups, government entities and business. Here is a sample of an inquiry that we received just this past week:

“Hello, I am the Credentialing Specialist here at the xxxxxxxxxxxxx. I am credentialing a Chiropractor and he states he is a certified Chiropractic Orthopedist and I need to verify the certification. He is our first Chiropractor to get credentialed. Is this the right place to verify chiropractic certification? Please advise. Thank you very much for your assistance”.

These inquiries go to the Executive Director, Dr. Wildenauer and Dr. Skibstead’s membership committee for verification. They in turn will respond to this inquiry.

Your Journal of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists (JACO) continues to expand its Editorial Review Board. I am pleased to announce Ralph Kruse DC, FACO, from Chicago, Illinois has become a member. Many of you recognize his name from many articles he has published in JMPT on flexion-distraction (COX©). He is a great lecturer and his knowledge and expertise will continue to make the journal stronger and useful for the orthopedist. Credit for this renaissance must go to the Editor-in Chief and the Editor for their work and vision. Please take some time to review the journal.

I am pleased to announce a new sponsor of the Academy. National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company (NCMIC) has always worked hard to support the education and advancement of the profession. Here are some points I found out about NCMIC:

  • Some companies view offering malpractice insurance as solely a business initiative—some are even controlled by outside medical companies. In contrast, this malpractice insurance company is committed to supporting chiropractic.
  • To ensure your malpractice company is invested in giving back to chiropractic rather than just benefitting from it, NCMIC supports chiropractic research and education programs, they take an active role in state and national professional organizations, and understand the chiropractic issues facing the profession today.
  • NCMIC has given more than $11 million to chiropractic research and education since 1995. NCMIC also offers business training and malpractice risk management seminars and resources to D.C.s as a complement to the education provided by the chiropractic colleges.
  • NCMIC has been very active in support chiropractic associations and colleges by providing speakers free of charge and offering premium discounts to their policyholders who attend qualifying programs. They do support orthopedics and you can see them as vendors and sponsoring speakers at the upcoming ACCO conference (April 28-30, 2011) in Las Vegas. The Academy website has more information about the conference, please plan on attending. If you have any questions for them, they have staff members that will be at their booth.

In short, NCMIC is a partner for the chiropractic profession and it’s specialties, continually fostering growth and advancement through investment and collaboration. Please click on their link on the website and note all the services they provide for us.

We are preparing for the upcoming Diplomate examination at NWHSU. The OSCE questions have been sent to the examiners and simulated patients. Dr. Tom Wick’s committee has again done an excellent job. I’m impressed with the psychometrics, they do to keep the test fair, accurate and to the point. Thanks go to the Texas Council of Chiropractic Orthopedists (TCCO) for their review class. Mike Raper DC, FACO and Eric Halsell DC, FACO did a fantastic job. I was able to sit in for part of their presentation. By the way, the 2011 examination will be held at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport. The exact date has not been set.

I want to thank to doctors who have volunteered with the re-certification process. I still have to contact some doctors, but the project is moving right along. Soon you will be receiving as a separate e-mail, more information about the mechanism and process. It’s easy, fair and comprehensive.

Fall is almost upon us, what a beautiful time of the year. Enjoy it with family and friends!

Life is just an endless chain of judgments….The more imperfect our judgment, the less perfect our success. B. C. Forbes

J. R. Brandt DC MPS FACO President Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists
TEL: 612-454-1472
FAX: 651-846-5590

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