October 2008 – Addendum

Academy e-letter
Volume 7, Number 10

From the Desk of:
James R. Brandt, DC. FACO
President, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Good morning,

Many exciting things have happened since we last communicated. There is a new slate of officers for the Academy as of October 4, 2008. Please welcome your new Board.

President – Dr. Steve Capps
Vice-President – Dr. Kim Skibsted
Secretary – Dr. James Demetrious
Treasure – Dr. Christopher Hammer
Immediate Past President – Dr. James Brandt
Board Member – Dr. Thomas Wicks
Board Member – Mr. John Sanger Alternate
Board Member – Dr. Steve Savoie Alternate
Board Member – Dr. Greg Priest Executive
Director – Dr. Jerry Wildenauer

Dr. Capps asked me if I would write the President’s letter this month. I was grateful for the opportunity.

President Capps has several new and innovative ideas to present over the next several months. I’m excited about the next steps that the Academy is about to take. You have a very energetic and visionary President and Board with great ideas and goals.

I went back through some of our minutes, correspondence and President’s letters to see all that had been done. There were so many ideas, goals and dreams that have been realized over the last 7-8 years of the New Academy. Not one of them could have been done with out the team work of the Board, Editorial Board of the e-Journal, committee chairs and committee members. Thanks a million to my Consigliore and “Kitchen Cabinet.” They were always there when needed. I was stunned when I saw how many different Fellows had been involved in this evolution, what they had done for the love of this specialty and what was accomplished; it is truly fantastic! THANK YOU to all who have contributed to the success of the Academy and the orthopedic Coalition.

THANK YOU to the membership of the Academy. You stuck with us during the early years of this decade and I really did appreciate the supportive letters, phone calls and e-mails that I have received over these last 8 years.

I want to thank the staff at FCER and Ms. DeAnna Beck for their help. You have made the work so much easier. Everyone has been helpful and provided good advice!

Thanks to my office staff and Gayle in particular, who has been with me going on 35 of my 39 years of practice, all the letters she has typed for the Academy and phone calls she handled, thank you!

To my wife Carolyn, thank you for putting up with all the computer time, early morning and late night phone calls from all corners of this great nation. Thank you for putting up with all the travel and meetings that took time and my having to be away from home. Thank you for all the support and encouragement you gave me.

It has been truly a blessing to serve the Academy and its membership.

All is well that ends well. John Heywood


The PDF version of this letter can be viewed or downloaded below:
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