January/February 2008

Academy e-letter
Volume 7, Number 1 &2

From the Desk of J. R. Brandt DC, FACO
President, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Good Morning Doctor,

Positive developments continue with the advanced degree program for the chiropractic orthopedist. Primarily at this time, it has been institutional interest. This has been an active and ongoing dialog.

The Academy paper presentation this year at the ACCO conference at the Carlsbad Resort in Carlsbad, California will have one case presentation only. The presenter will be Dr. Ronald C. Evans. This will mark the return of Dr. Evans to the chiropractic orthopedic classroom, after a long absence from the podium while serving as a senior member of the Chiropractic Healthcare Benefit Advisory Committee, for the Department of Defense. He will be speaking on “Iatrogenic Tendinopathies: Clinical Course, the Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly.” He recently completed the TOTAL revision of the definitive textbook, Illustrated Orthopedic Physical Assessment, 3rd edition, due for publication in September. (Note: I’ve seen some of this new work and it’s fantastic). The conference begins on the evening of April 10th through the morning of the 13th. Please contact the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists at www.accoweb.org and click on “convention info”. I hope to see many Academy members there. There are more than 20 hours of Academy re-credentialing material offered.

The Editors of the Academy e-Journal have asked me to place the following information in this newsletter about sending cases or original articles to the e-Journal. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts related to chiropractic. In particular, we are seeking studies that incorporate the most relevant outcomes related to chiropractic orthopedics and are substantiated in an evidence-based manner.

Recently, the Academy e-Journal has been listed as an indexed journal by the Index to Chiropractic Literature (ICL). The ICL (http://www.chiroindex.org/#results) is a gateway to the literature published in selected chiropractic journals. Founded in 1979 by the Chiropractic Library Consortium (CLIBCON), ICL is an essential tool for chiropractic educators, students, researchers and clinicians, and for the general public. The online version provides indexing from 1985 to the present for most journals.

The Academy e -Journal will consider all original research papers, systematic reviews, and scholarly commentaries addressing chiropractic, including randomized trials, high-quality observational studies, evidence-based reviews, case series and case reports. We are seeking studies that meet the highest standards for validity.

Manuscripts should be submitted directly to the Academy e-Journal Editor-In-Chief Bruce Gundersen, D.C., F.A.C.O. All submitted manuscripts will undergo editorial evaluation and review. Authors should consult the Academy website (www.dcorthoacademy.com) for e-Journal Instructions for Authors for guidelines on manuscript submission and preparation.

The Academy provides re-credentialing credit hours for cases and original articles that are accepted for e-Journal for publication.

The College of Forensic Sciences and National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) together are presenting a 12 hour program at NUHS. A full 36 hour program for the clinician not trained in the 5th AMA Guides will be held in Eugene, OR and at NUHS. Contact NUHS for details at 630-629-2000. There is a 2 hour credit program on “Introduction to Impairment Rating – 6th Edition) is available at www.Chirocredit.com from the University of Bridgeport.

Time is running out to apply for the Academy Diplomate examination on May 3, 2008. Please notify constituents or associates of this deadline. Intent to sit for the examination should be sent right away to our offices at PO Box 400 Norwalk, IA 50211-0400. You can call 515-981-9654 for further information.

Please visit the FCER website and have a look at the new evidence based program that will be available to FCER members. Your membership in the Academy gives you a discount on membership in FCER. Contact Cheryl for further information about FCER membership and to access this new benefit from FCER.

Soon you will be receiving an e-mail with some questions regarding the Academy. Please take a few minutes, answer the questions and send your answers back to Mr. John Sanger, our lay member. Thanks!

On behalf of the Academy Board, we would like to thank Dr. Julia Bartlett for her work with the Board as an Associate Board Member. The good news is that we are not loosing Julia, but rather she has taken on a new position. She will be the Director of Graduate Education. The Academy is working in other educational areas now that the 2010 project is entering its final stages. Julia is completing her PhD. in education and already has brought insight to the Board.

I’m looking forward to Dr. Jim Demetrious’ letter to the membership next month. He has some very important information for us to consider.

I apologize for the length of this letter, but there are so many things going on as you can see, and projects in the development stages. The Academy Board wants everyone to be kept up to date on what is transpiring and has transpired. We appreciate you membership and involvement.

No one succeeds without effort…Those who succeed owe their success to their perseverance…Ramana Maharshi


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