January 2007

Academy e-letter
Volume 6, Number 1

From the Desk of J. R. Brandt DC, FACO
President Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Good Morning;

The website now has information on it regarding the Master of Science; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. (MSc: PM&R). The entire document is in the neighborhood of 320 pages. It is much too large for the website. The Chairman of the 2010 committee, Dr. Ronald Evans, has published an abstract of the document. It is this document that is on the website (www.dcorthoacademy.com) for your review. The Academy will be presenting the document in its entirety to the colleges and universities at the ACC/RAC conference this March in Phoenix, Arizona.

This document has had Coalition participation through its development. The document and its recommendations encompassed the entire work that was done identifying topics in orthopedics and outlined by the Council on Chiropractic Orthopedists (CCO), the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists (ACCO) and the Academy. The Academy 2010 Committee then went to work in late 2005 to produce this document. The Committee then set about expanding the basic information they were presented with to produce the final comprehensive document. Dr. Evans’ abstract explains this process and what its result means to the chiropractic orthopedist.

You will notice that there is a FAQ section that addresses some of the questions that we have received.

This document will change how orthopedics is taught. The Academy is making a call for instructors to teach in the new program. The website will soon have information for potential instructors. I have received a number of inquires already about doctors wanting to teach in this new program. We are fortunate that orthopedics currently has good instructors. In an ideal situation, we would like doctors to be proficient in specific topics or regions. With these skills, the doctors can teach at different institutions and this would assure consistency in the post-graduate orthopedic educational experience. Doctors other than chiropractic orthopedists will be used, for example, anatomists for dissection, other health care professionals and other specialists within chiropractic who are qualified by their teaching portfolio. For those of you interested, I suggest you start putting together your teaching portfolio. Watch the website for specific information.

The Academy has begun the formation of the Dr. Carl Nixon Scholarship committee. This is for the graduate student after they have completed the Diplomate program and are beginning their Masters program. Jim Lehman DC, MBA, FACO is the Chairman. Board member Jim Demetrious DC, FACO is the liaison with this committee. Activity has already been brisk. The Committee has two tasks at present. The first is to establish committee members who have an expertise in designing the application forms and necessary protocols and requirements for the process. Thank you to Dr. Tony Rosner, who has agreed to offer initial assistance with this task. The second is to look for various avenues of funding.

We are expanding the re-credentialing committee so that the applications, review and cataloging the information will be more efficient. Greg Norton DC, FACO serves as the current Chairman. Julia Bartlett DC, FACO is the Board liaison with the committee. I’m heartened by so may of you who have voluntarily re-credentialed your orthopedic Diplomate. This is a good habit to get into, as we progress with our natural place in health care and become more involved in multi-disciplinary areas, this process could become mandatory for doctors working in multi-specialty groups. Re-credentialing is mandatory in some medical specialties. Check the website for requirements if you have not completed the process. You will automatically receive a renewal notice from our office at the end of the three year period.

New guidelines are on the website for authors to submit articles to the Academy e-Journal. Please take a look.

We have been very busy working in multiple areas as you can see. Thank you to all of the Fellows who have taken the challenge to continue improving our organization and the orthopedic specialty.

If you want to help the Academy, call me, e-mail or drop me a letter about your interest on how you can help. Hope to see you in Phoenix for the ACCO conference.

If you know of anyone who is interested in orthopedics, National Health Sciences University has a class starting this spring. The Academy accepts hours from post graduate classes for re-credentialing. Our website has contact and specific information about the NUHS class.

Next month, Steve Capps DC, FACO, the Board Secretary will have information in the news letter. We want you to hear from each Board member from time to time.

It’s never early to shop for your Valentine!

When there is no vision, people perish. Ralph Waldo Emerson


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