March 2006

Academy e-letter
Volume 5, Number 3
March, 2006

From the Desk of: James R. Brandt DC, FACO
President, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Good Morning Doctor:

I’m sorry I didn’t get an e-letter to you last month. The Academy has been very busy with a couple of projects that have taken a good deal of our time.

We had a successful Diplomate examination on March 25, 2006. The final results have not been completed. Final details are being set up at this time for the next Diplomate examination in October 2006. Please watch the website ( for time and place. I anticipate this should be done within the next week. If you know anyone who is interested in sitting for the examination, contact Cheryl at (515)981-9654. The Academy has now completed 7 examinations in less than two years. We are closing in on 100 candidates during this time frame that have taken the examinations. Things are looking up for the specialty.

There will be a Board meeting next month. The new Academy has been active now for four years. Looking back over the four years, a great deal has been accomplished in a short time. The future is looking bright.

Pick up most journals from various health care disciplines and you will read that they all are addressing doctors establishing evidence-based (EB) practices. The federal government is forcing this issue through Medicare reimbursement and third party payers are falling in line as well. This is not just a chiropractic issue – it’s all disciplines. FCER has several CDRoms that elaborate on the value of EB practices for the clinician. These can be purchased at FCER. The Academy has provided a financial grant to FCER the last 3 years directed to orthopedic related research.

Don’t forget the “Your Doctor is a Fellow” educational tracts. They can be ordered directly from FCER. These work great to give to new patients in your office.
I expect a good deal more information in the upcoming letters; we have a Board meeting next month. The agenda is full, look for more positive changes in your Academy.

Aren’t you glad spring is here?

Academy e-letter supplement
Volume 5, Number 3

From the Academy Board:

Good Morning Doctor

You may be aware of US Senate, S. 1955 legislation that unfortunately is progressing through the US Senate. In essence this bill will destroy the work that the profession has done with the states for insurance equality. The Academy Board urges you to review the information that has been sent out by various entities within the profession. They do a good job of explaining the seriousness of this legislation.

If you do nothing, you risk all of the effort and sweat equity you have put into your profession and specialty. We urge all chiropractic orthopedists to unite on this front and support our profession with a few minutes to call or write a letter. Those who have patients that have contacts in the political area, Republican or Democrat, need to be active on the profession’s behalf.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to write the letter or make the call.

For the Academy Board,

J. R. Brandt DC, FACO


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