August 2006

Academy e-letter Volume 5, Number 8
From the Desk of: James R. Brandt, DC. FACO
President, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Good Morning Doctor,

There have been some new additions to the Editorial Board of the e-Journal. Thanks to those doctors who have served over the last few years of this project. The journal is looking for good case reports to publish. The website ( has an outline that can be used in the submission of case reports; it is only a guideline for you to follow. The journal is one of the scholarly activities of the Academy. The upcoming journal has a great article on TMJ and HVLA adjusting. I believe the Editor is trying to set up an interview with the Chair of the 2010 Committee.

The 2010 project continues forward at a very fast pace, the Coalition and other groups that have participated have sent in their material for the Job Analysis, Task and Domains, and it has been compiled. It has been sent on to the 2010 committee. The JA and T&D that has been used are grossly out of date and inadequate. “Time marches on…”

If you are not current with your dues, you cannot use FACO after your name. (See FAQs on the website) You must have an active membership as this is a requirement for re-certification with the Academy. The Academy appreciates your membership and will continue to work to earn it. The Board is gratified with so many members that have stepped up this year to help us. In the 25+ years the Academy has been an entity, never have so many members participated in our growth and projects. Thank you!

Next month the e-letter will be devoted to practice tips and information for the Chiropractic Orthopedist.

Have a safe Labor Day with your family and friends.


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