November 2004

Academy e-letter

Volume 3, Number 11

November, 2004

From the Desk of J.R. Brandt, DC, FACO

President, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Good Morning Doctor,

I am pleased to welcome the Graston Technique as a new Academy Partner on the Academy website. This is a great organization with quality people and instructors. Academy members Matt Kowalski, Warren Hammer and Gordon Lawson are instructors for Graston. Please visit the website at ( and click on their link.

The Inter-organizational coalition (Academy, ACCO and CCO) is pleased to announce the successful completion of their Diplomate examination in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 9th. Six new Diplomates have received their letters telling them they have been successful. Two of the candidates are working within the Chiropractic University system. The candidates were from CMCC, LACC, National, Northwestern and Western States. Please support the Inter-organizational coalition, they are working hard for you to increase orthopedic Diplomates, building bridges with our institutions and working to support existing post-graduate classes.

We have placed an application for membership on the website that can be downloaded. If you have a colleague that is a Diplomate and not a member of the Academy, print a copy for them. Thanks! We have also put information about the re-credentialing process so it will be easy for you to access and return.
The Academy offices have been receiving calls about the status of several doctors’ orthopedic credentials. The calls are coming from managed care groups, employers verifying Diplomate status and other entities. I have talked to one company and as I understand it verifies for other groups and they have decided to use the Academy as a contact for all orthopedic Diplomates. We are trying to assemble a complete list of Diplomates, Academy members or not.

You can see that the Academy functions are growing and quite varied. Our mission of supporting research and education has not changed. The specialty has been growing and over the last 18 months or so the dynamics of orthopedics has changed. This has knocked the stagnation of the past out of the way by the energy being generated from the Academy, ACCO and CCO to move orthopedics foreword and not behind the other specialties.

The Academy Board is thankful for the membership and what you have contributed to this effort. E-journal, Delphi Committees, examiners, standardized patients, instructors, dues, comments, increasing membership just to name a few. Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you…


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