February 2004

Academy e-letter Volume 3, Number 2, February 2004

From the Desk of J. R. Brandt DC, FACO President, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Good Morning Doctor,

The Academy e-journal is underway! There is some good news in this area. We will have contributions in content for the journal by doctors from the Republic of South Africa (RSA). They will receive CEUs if the research or article is accepted for publishing by the Academy. This project has been going on for several months to establish this relationship. The Academy is recognized by the RSA chiropractic governing body to issue these credits. This effort was completed the first part of this month. The Editorial Board is still growing to include international representation. Dr. Charmaine Korporaal from the Durbin Institute of Technology, Durbin, RSA has agreed to be one of our International editors. The other International editor is Rick Corbett from Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. He has already sent information in to be published! We are working to expand the international representation. Representation from other specialties is being added. It is one of the goals, to make this an avenue to pull together different areas of interest for the member Fellows. There are some articles in the pipeline already, but please send in some case reports, articles of interest or areas you would like to have some information. Guidelines for articles are on the website at https://ianmmedicine.org.

There is a change on the Academy Board as of March 1st, 2004. Dr. Gary Carver is leaving. Gary will be missed for his insight, guidance and work ethic. He will continue as a member of the Coalition Examination Committee. THANK YOU Gary for your time and effort.

The Board is fortunate to have Dr. Larry Swank join us. Dr. Swank has been working on the Examination Committee as the Chair of examination development. He has been instrumental in bringing the process together including content, format and psychometrics. WELCOME Larry.

Our list of partners sponsoring the website is growing. In addition to Select Comfort Sleep Systems, I’m pleased to announce that NCMIC has joined us, as well as the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER). We are continuing talking to other groups.

The Academy will again be making a $500 contribution to the ACCO Maynard Lipe Scholarship. It is a privilege to participate in this process to help students. We will be contributing $1000 to FCER to direct toward research that has orthopedic implications.

Please be sure to check out the new material on the Academy Web site, including the new Partners page.
Let’s hope it’s an early spring!


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