August 2004

Academy e-letter Volume 3, Number 8, August 2004

Good Morning Doctor,

The Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists is working in the direction of eliminating the use of its initials (ACO) in all correspondence and reference in the specialty and profession. This will help to eliminate confusion with all of the orthopedic organizations and their initials. Please do not use “ACO” in any correspondence or reference. The use of only Academy is suggested.

Members of the Academy, American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists (ACCO) and the Council of Chiropractic Orthopedists (CCO) have met this month with an institution about introducing post-graduate classes in chiropractic orthopedics! We have also received conformation that Palmer College is starting orthopedic classes in 2005. This is truly going to be revolutionary. 1) Test out of the first 120 class hours. 2) Certain percentage of the class work will be online. 3) Exploring off campus venues. 4) Will follow the new syllabus. This is truly exciting, as you know over the last couple of years the downward spiral of the specialty was evident. There is no doubt a revitalization of our specialty is taking place! This has been one of the prime objectives of the Interorganizational Orthopedic Coalition (Academy, ACCO and CCO). This can continue even at a faster pace with your help. You can help this renewal by referring potential students to the new classes, candidates for the Academy Diplomate certification examination and by urging them to attend current post-graduate orthopedic classes. Current classes are sponsored by National, Northwestern and Western States. Additionally, you can help by attending the ACCO symposiums and assisting in the implementation of the CCO and ACCO driven syllabus in our colleges and universities. The syllabus guidelines will level the field for all candidates for the Academy Diplomate examination. All students regardless of the post-graduate system will have the same basic information. The Diplomate examination will follow the information in the syllabus. The Interorganizational Coalition would urge you to attend these classes so you can get state license renewal, fulfilling re-credentialing requirements for the Academy and polish up areas of orthopedics for yourself.

A final walk through and organizational meeting with Northwestern Health Sciences University was done this month for the Academy Diplomate examination to be done on October 9, 2004 on the NWHSU campus. The Academy would like to thank Al Traina DC, FACO, the President of NWHSU for his help and his very capable staff for their assistance.

Enjoy the Labor Day week-end with family and friends!


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