September 2003

From the Desk of J. R. Brandt DC, FACO President, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Good Morning Doctor,

You should have received the information from CPS regarding office supplies. There was a temporary problem with the chiropractic supplies and I understand that will be rectified in the not too distant future. There was some early confusion about which organization you have signed up with. This only affects those members who are both members of the Academy and FCER. You may wish to contact the CPS number on the information and find out which group you are actually in and make sure this is what you want.

By now you may have seen the press release that has been sent out by the Inter-organizational coalition comprising of the CCO, ACCO and the Academy. The Academy has been asked to set forth a new orthopedic certification examination. This was developed because of problems with communication, calls from candidates for certification and members of the organizations. This has been undertaken and has developed to a nearly completed product. This will be fine tuned and will be given for the first time May 27, 2004 at the ACCO symposium in Orlando.

There are many doctors involved from all three orthopedic organizations. This includes educators, past specialty board examiners, lecturers and all are practicing chiropractic orthopedists. We are opening this examination up to any doctor who has completed post graduate orthopedics within the last 20 years and has a valid transcript. This is a one-day examination that will comprise of multiple choice questions, radiography and one-on-one clinical examination.

It is one of the goals of this group to get more and more doctors involved in the process. We believe that having a larger group to develop, administer and oversee this open process will bring confidence to the candidates and the specialty. Prior to the examination there will be a voluntary review course that will be taught through a Chiropractic University and CEU credits will be available. It will consist of 3 post graduate instructors providing the information. There are many more points, but that will unfold over the next e-letters. There is further good news. This examination will cost $950. The inter-organizational group felt that the cost of this process has gotten out of hand for the candidate.

If you know of anyone who would be interested getting back into orthopedics, give them our telephone number (515-981-9654) and ask for Cheryl. Currently names are being taken and a packet will be soon mailed out that has the application. There will be further explanation in the packet. It should be noted that FCER plays no part in this examination process except for clerical duties in the application phase. They contract with the Academy to do our day-to-day office activity only. They do not endorse or financially contribute to the examination process.


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