April-May 2003

From the Desk of J. Brandt DC, FACO President, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists
Good Morning Doctor:

I have doubled up on this issue because of some changes that recently took place and I wanted to bring all of this information to you at once. There are many new things and changes that I want to tell you about.

The Academy Board is pleased to tell you that we have added two new members. Both doctors are highly qualified, have lectured on and practiced orthopedics. I’m pleased to announce that Dr. Don Freuden of Denver, Colorado and Dr. Steve Savoie of Claremont, Florida have accepted the positions. They will bring new ideas to us and augment plans that we have in the future. WELCOME!

We are also very pleased to announce that Dr. Larry Swank of Davenport, Iowa has agreed to be the Chairman of our examination committee. Dr. Swank brings expertise to us from his work with NBCE. WELCOME!
The CCO Board gets kudos for their tireless effort in guiding the new orthopedic syllabus through its journey. The syllabus is now to the schools for critical review. With this new syllabus and the changes that are in the wind for postgraduate education, we will be joining the current concepts of advanced degrees within the education and health care professions. Thanks to the CCO Board Gary, Leo, Roger, Dale, Linda and Harold.

The Academy would like to welcome Dr. Michelle Steuber, the new President of the ACCO. I had the opportunity to meet with and discuss a number of issues with her recently. I appreciate her ideas and they will be good for chiropractic orthopedics.

The Academy has sent $2,000 to FCER for two research projects. $1000 dollars will go to NYCC and $1000 to NHSU. It is the Academy’s requirement that our monies go to research that is directed to orthopedic problems. This is an increase of 100% over last years giving. This could not have been done without our membership continuing to grow. I would like to thank everyone for staying on board. I would like to think we are helping not only orthopedics, but the profession. Last year we funded a study on CTS.

I have some very good news for our bottom lines! We are currently in negotiations with a firm that offers significant savings for office supplies. I have seen the catalog; it is with a large national chain. I hope to have more information and run this by the Board by next month. They have told us that they will donate to the Academy 1% of our purchases back to us. Stay tuned!

We will be starting a credentialing process for the Board members. We are now discussing the options with a credentialing entity. We are anticipating the current Board will begin this process within the next month.

Dr. Ronald Evans from Des Moines, Iowa received our Distinguished Service award for the year 2003. It was my pleasure to present this to him in March. His work in orthopedics was recognized and is appreciated.
Check out the web-site from time to time, we have a new WebCase up this month. You can also review all past e-letters beginning with January 2003. Other information will be available from time to time. Thanks Dr. Priest for your work and time on these cases.

The Academy along with CCO and ACCO has proffered some ideas and recommendations to ABCO to enhance the orthopedic specialty. A letter will be sent this month signed by the Presidents of the organizations and the chairman of the Inter-organizational group, Dr. Jess Rothenberger.

More good news. NO dues increase in 2003! The Board appreciates your continued support; you allow your Academy to do projects that support and enhance the specialty. If you have some friends that are certified orthopedists and aren’t members of the Academy, please encourage them to join. Send them to the web-site dcorthoacademy.com for them to check us out.

The ACCO seminar in Santa Rosa was good. Interesting speakers and exhibitors were present. Next year the convention is at Disney World in May. We had great presentations at the Academy papers program by Academy members Drs. Tim Harcourt and Gene Toon. Dr. Harcourt’s work will soon be peer-review published. Dr. Toon had an interesting paper on sarcoidosis, which will be an upcoming Academy WebCase presentation. Thank you doctors!

Lastly, we are waiting for the process to be completed for our FACO mark to be registered with the Federal trademark office in Washington, D.C. All work has been done; it is now up to the Trademark office to let us know. Thanks to Mr. Mark Catron and Mr. Roger Fredrikson of Hanson, Dordell, Odlaug, Bradt and Bradt law firm in St. Paul, MN. They have been our legal guides now for over a year.

I’ve got more, but it can wait until next e-letter. Have a GREAT summer.


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