Orthopedic Post-graduate Programs

Graduate level studies provide the pathway to specialty education and credentials recognized by patients, physicians, providers, quality assurance organizations, insurance providers, state and federal court systems, credentialing organizations and the federal government (DOD, VA and PHS). Graduate level studies are based on the most current research to improve chiropractic physician competence, patient safety and practice management outcomes ensuring that the Diplomate is well-prepared for patient expectations, higher accountability and encounters in daily practice.

There is an increasing awareness on the part of our patients, as well as other health care professions, of academic credentials to include not only board certified specialties but graduate level degrees as well. Across the board of health care fields there is an increasing need to maintain a higher level of academic credential. A graduate level of education and specialty board certification will further increase and develop the skills and knowledge base of current chiropractic physicians for present and future clinical, hospital and academic demands.

The Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists position on graduate level education is one of increasing awareness and proactive development of graduate level pathways. The orthopedic specialty graduate level study program is an appropriately recommended academic credential for specialty certification, re-certification and maintaining ones credentials and privileges.

Attaining the Fellow of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedics credential is more than a title, more than a distinction; it is a commitment to continuous improvement leading to opportunities for providing better patient care.

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