International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Maintenance of Certification Guidelines (MOC)

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The International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (IANM) has an obligation to its stakeholders to assure them that the board-certified doctors listed by the IANM in the “Doctors Directory” have met advanced learning requirements to maintain their certification (MOC). The requirement is 12 hours per year.

These stakeholders include the patients, government, military, medical-legal, employers, health care organizations, medical institutions, colleges, universities, referring chiropractic and medical physicians, and insurance payors.

Colleges, universities, state associations, entrepreneurs, and healthcare organizations offer thousands of classes and courses. Therefore, the IANM cannot devote time and resources to checking each class or course submitted by our Diplomates seeking maintenance of certificate. For that reason, the IANM has made it quite simple and manageable for the board-certified advanced learner.

How the process works

The website will track your renewal status. To view your status and next renewal date, or pay your renewal fees, click here or go to “Diplomate Login” in the site’s header. You can reset your password by clicking the “Lost your Password” link on that login page.

Once payment is made, MOC hours can be uploaded to your account area. Click on the “Renewal Documentation” tab after you login to upload your documentation of hours. The IANM will audit up to 10% of these submissions annually, which fulfills our requirements as a certifying board. Possibly, your required MOC class hours may be acceptable for license renewal. However, you are responsible for verifying acceptance by the state board that governs your practice site.

Where can I obtain MOC-approved hours?

  • All classes must be taught by board-certified specialists who have maintained their Diplomate status. Classes must be verified with a review of the doctor’s curriculum vitae and teaching syllabus by the University of Bridgeport Post Graduate Department, or any CCE-accredited chiropractic college or university offering a post-graduate program that qualifies the doctor to sit the IANM board certification examination before acceptance of MOC hours.
  • Online learning is acceptable.
  • A reduced rate of $150 for 12 hours is available.
  • The following organizations have complied with the IANM requirements and follow the necessary protocol of board-certified instructors by verifying yearly. Non-board-certified hours are not applicable towards the 12 per year.
    • American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists (ACCO)
    • Cox educational program
    • Council on Forensic Sciences (CFS)
    • American College of Chiropractic Consultants (ACCC)
    • PostGradDC
  • All current NMSM/orthopedic diplomate classes, both online and on-site, are acceptable.
  • Postgraduate NMSM/orthopedic instructors that teach a minimum of 4 hours per year within an approved course are eligible for 12 MOC credits.
  • Professors or instructors that teach 6 hours per year within an approved CCE college or university per academic year within a Doctor of Chiropractic (DCP) program are eligible for 12 MOC credits.
  • Any Diplomate publishing a case study or research article in a peer-reviewed journal receives 12 hours of MOC.
  • Writing 20 Part I MCQs accepted by the examination board for use. These questions must pass the psychometric screening process. The writer will receive 12 hours of MOC.
  • Writing one Part II Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) that passes the psychometric screening process will receive 12 hours of MOC.
  • Retired doctors are not required to maintain their credentials.


Failure to maintain your Diplomate certificate will result in removing your name and practice demographics from the IANM Doctors Directory on the website. Additionally, those obtaining their Diplomate after 01/01/2022 may have the Diplomate certificate suspended or forfeited.

The IANM is the Point Source Verification (PSV) for the orthopedic/NMSM Diplomate. Therefore, the IANM cannot verify the Diplomate certificate status for inquiring organizations if we do not have your current information.

The MOC requirements will be reviewed on an annual basis. They will be updated by November 1st each year.