Letter from the Editor In Chief


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Bruce Gundersen, DC, FACO
Editor-In-Chief, Academy of Chiropractic  Orthopedists eJournal

As we continue to publish in our 6th year, we have made considerable advances to help our profession and our readers. As you may know, we have been indexed by two major databases now and our articles are available on many searches. Publications are linked to our eJournal and we are referenced  by several authors. This has been a gradual work with very little progress until this past year.  Many of our editorial board members played a significant role in this achievement.

The quality of our items has improved gradually over the past few years and the work of our editorial board has rivaled other journals. We have had a considerable increase in submissions and our editorial process has become quite sophisticated.

The end result of this great work is that we provide our readership with information that helps each practice better, be more knowledgeable and provide better help our patients.   This is certainly a major part of our mission. In fact, all that we do is singularly based on the improvement of the health of our fellow men. Nothing could be more satisfying or rewarding. 

The addition of some extremely good minds is evidenced on the list of our editorial board. The combination we have now has created a unique perspective for our work. Each has a particularly interesting niche of expertise.

Our goals for the future include more collaboration with the other entities in chiropractic orthopedics as well as the other health care delivery specialties. We intend to lead our profession accordingly by integrating the best from all willing to contribute. So far, we are pleased with the effort and the outcome. We will continue to encourage innovation and improvement in ourselves and those with whom we work.