IANM Examination Initial Application Form

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for your interest in the IANM certification examination, which is presented in two parts. Both the Part I practical and the Part II OSCE portions are now presented online.  You must successfully pass Part I, and pay all fees associated with taking Part I (including re-take fees, if necessary) to be eligible to take Part II.  You may take the Part II exam later in the same year you pass Part I.

A $95.00 non-refundable application and processing fee is required to begin the IANM certification examination application process.  No application fee is required for the Part II examination.  Once your payment has been processed, we will notify you by email and you will be allowed to proceed with the application process on line. You will be expected to upload several items as a part of this process. The process has several steps and you will be notified of the progress of your application as each step is completed and required items are received by IANM.  Your eligibility to sit for the IANM Examination deepens on your timely completion or the required items.  Please view your email daily during the application process and promptly respond to request for information.

The IANM online Part I test date windows have been expanded to include many opportunities.  Please click here to review the current date windows for Part I.  For each of these date windows, important deadlines are:

  • 90 Days: A completed IANM EXAMINATION INITIAL APPLICATION FORM and payment of the $95.00 fee is due;
  • 45 Days: All required application documents, images, transcripts and forms must be completed and submitted;
  • 30 Days: You receive your Part I eligibility notice via email. The examination fee of $950 is due and payable immediately on receipt of eligibility. 

Please fill in the boxes as directed on the IANM EXAMINATION INITIAL APPLICATION FORM that follows:

Note; The application material will not be accessible to you until funds are cleared and payment has been confirmed. It takes longer for a check payment to be confirmed.

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