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The Editor’s Desk

The Editor’s Desk

Shawn M. Neff, DC, MAS, FIANM(us)


A person wearing a suit and tie  Description automatically generated Welcome to the December 2020 issue of the Journal of the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your patience. In 2021 we will be shifting to a biennial release from our previous quarterly schedule. We will be working to finish the recovery of the lost archive issues and hope to have that completed before the summer 2021 issue is released.

We at the journal rely on you to not only read the research in the journal but also to produce the research. We look forward to helping you bring your studies, case reports and literature reviews to the profession to benefit the care provided to our patients.

Thank you as always to the dedicated editorial staff, editorial advisory board, and editorial review board, without your contributions we could not produce this journal. I also would like to say a special thanks to a group of doctors who acted as guest peer reviewers on this issue, the VA chiropractic residents, Hannah Tobiczyk, DC, Margaret Sels, DC, Morgan Price, DC, M. Connor Jordan, DC, Casey Rogers, DC, Brian Davis, DC, Charbel Medlej, DC, and Brent Young, DC.

I hope you all enjoy this issue.




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