Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Specialist Conditions

A neuromusculoskeletal medicine specialist focuses on the evaluation and management of individuals and population of patients with acute or chronic neuromusculoskeletal and biomechanical spine and extremity conditions to maximize their health, function, and overall quality of life.

The NMSM specialist works with other medical professionals when needed to maximize recovery. Co-management of injuries and conditions with other healthcare practitioners, including referral for MRI or CT Scans, nerve conduction studies, and other diagnostic and management tools when needed.

The neuromusculoskeletal medicine specialist will work with the patient to outline focused exercises for the area of injury, nutritional recommendations, and posture. The doctor may recommend a cervical pillow for proper neck support or review your mattress to improve sleep. Sleep is vital to help the body recover.

The use of orthotics such as exercises, heel lifts, arch supports, braces, supports, instruction for posture control and injured joints may be utilized when necessary.